Work Projects Completed

High Intensity Soil Surveys and Investigations


Pre-mine Soil Survey for Mined Land Reclamation

* Meet permit requirements of ND Public Service Commission

* Conducted on more than 47,000 combined acres on the following mines:

The Coteau Properties (North American Coal Co.) – Mercer and Oliver Counties

The Falkirk Mining Company – McLean County

BNI Coal – Burke and Oliver Counties

GeoResources – Williams County

American Colloid – Bowman County

Pre-mine Soil Survey for Landfill Development or Expansion/Stockpile Assessment/Training

* Meet permit requirements and/or provide training for ND Health Department

Valley City – Barnes County

City of Jamestown – Stutsman County

Petrocomp (Little Missouri Disposal) – Bowman County

Indian Hills Disposal Site – McKenzie County

Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc. – Oliver County

Dishon Disposal - Williams County

Prairie Disposal - Williams County

White Earth Disposal Site - Mountrail County

Oil Site Reclamation - Stark County

City of Bismarck - Burleigh County

Mercer County Landfill

Black Mallard Disposal - Mountrail County

Smokey Butte Disposal - Divide County

Blue Butte Disposal - McKenzie County

Chimney Butte Disposal - Billings County

Basin Environmental Disposal - Williams County

McKenzie County Landfill

Wisco Disposal - Williams County

GeoStrata Proposed Site - Williams County

Dakota Disposal - McKenzie County

Belfield Disposal - Stark County

DB Disposal - Burleigh County

Marquis Disposal - Williams County

City of Minot - Ward County

City of Williston - Williams County

City of Ray - Williams County

City of Grand Forks - Grand Forks County

Bison Butte Disposal - Mountrail County

Pit Boss Landfill - Burleigh County

City of Mandan - Morton County

Data Collection for Mine Bond Release

Land Use Planning and Irrigation Development

ND Veterans Cemetery

Highway 2 beautification project

Northwest Area Pipeline reclamation mediation

K&T Irrigation, Inc. – Cavalier and Pembina Counties

Precision Farming and Fertility Programs

Precision Soil Management – Sheridan County

Specialized Soil Investigations

Evaluate Pipeline Reclamation Issues

- Sage Pipeline - Renville and Ward Counties

- Dakota Access Pipeline - Morton County

Reclamation and Evaluation of Salt Water Spills

- Bottineau and Williams Counties

Wetland, Hydric Soil, Mitigation, and Sediment Delineation and Determinations


Highway and Railroad Construction Projects Throughout North Dakota

* Numerous Federal, State, County, City Interstates, Highways, Roads, and Streets

* Numerous borrow areas associated with road constructions projects

* Numerous Rail Lines

 Airport Planning and Expansion

 Jamestown Airport

 Washburn Municipal Airport

Crosby Airport

Mercer County Airport

 Industrial Siting, Pipelines and Commercial Development

Tharaldson Ethanol Plant - Cass County

Archer Daniels Midland Company - McHenry County

Pecan Pipeline - Mountrail Countyo Plant Siting - Lamoure County

Commercial Siting - Ramsey County

Bioexx Facility - Ward County

Highpoint Properties - Ward County

Dakota Acres - Ward County

Minot Commercial Sites - Ward County

Devils Lake Landfill - Ramsey County

Menards - Burleigh County

RDO Company - Burleigh County

Watford City Development Project - McKenzie County

Cell Tower Facilities - Mountrail and Stutsman Counties

Puppy Dog Coulee Project - Ward County

Surrey Development Project - Ward County

Turtle Mountains Tribal Development - Rolette County

North Winds Development Site - Williams County

Ray Development Site - Williams County

Mouse River Flood Control Project - Ward County

Abeln Development Sites - Grand Forks and Richland Counties

Fox Island Levee Project - Burleigh County

New Town Commercial Sites - Mountrail County

Prairie Rose Pipeline - Mountrail County

Agricultural Wetland Determination and Delineation/Scope and Effect/Mitigation/Sedimantation, USDA and COE Compliance

* Many Private Concerns Statewide

* Scope and Effect - Towner County, Barnes County

 Cultural Sedimentation Determinations

Pembina County Water Resource Board

City of Spiritwood Lake - Stutsman County

Walsh County Legal Drains

Dakota Waters  Resort - Mercer County

State Water Commission - Burleigh County

Septic Site Evaluations – Commercial and Residential


* Over 900 residential, commercial, and development site evaluations completed in Burleigh, Morton,

Cass, Kidder, Stutsman, McLean, Mountrail, Ward and Richland Counties

* Man Camp Development Site, Ward County

* Provide information required by local codes

* Rural Development Sites in Morton and Burleigh Counties

* Provide necessary information to adequately design and engineer systems    


Ordinary High Water Mark Determinations


 Riverine and Lakes

 Butte Lake – Bottineau County, ND

Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers - Williams and McKenzie Counties, ND